My Creativity

Here is a listing of some of my creative endeavors, including poems, stories, etc.:

The road gets foggy whenever I'm out. Tidal waves of clouds fill up my lungs, and I know that I can't fly. As my legs transport my soul past each house, I glance at each structure in wonder of its condition. The sides don't need to be torn for it to be abandoned, and the windows don't need to be cracked for it to be smeared. Even with the chimney there's still some smoke left behind, and as a stream escapes it can't help but to unwind and poison the air. With every breath I take I get more used to this new life source, and as I go blind I wonder more and more where my own home is, and I can't roam along a street that isn't my own.

I don't need to find my sight, I just need an idea on where to go. What leads me there I don't care, I just need to breathe some fresh air. My mind and heart lost connection, so it looks like I'm on my own, trapped visionless inside nature's smog with a building next to me standing alone.


As days go by you start to think more, think about from where you came, and even though we conquer mountains and explore space, we haven't figured out how not to live in shame. I recovered from my mind nerve endings that tell the tale of a me who once lived and just wanted to survive, when I won't; I can just live and hope that I fulfill all the dreams for which I strive. Dreams are incomplete realities, they are events that may or may not occur, but they're never as great as how they transported within your brain, a sign that nothing can be pure.

And I don't mind, because I don't need perfection to be amongst the freed. But whatever happens isn't in my control, and I've never been filled with greed.

The roads we take may not be paved at the start, but our strides lay down foundations while our footprints solidify the decisions, and the more we walk the more we obey our hearts.

The concrete molds as we influence its strength along the way, with cracks and scars forming from the misfortunes experienced during the day. And leaves spread out amongst these newly created lanes, fallen victims from the trees who can't deal with the pain.

The wind strays the green, and with every gust the roads are covered with the nature that's left to be seen. The sun shows its gleam, the darkness engulfed by temporary, illuminated beams.

The light shows off the roads that we've made our own, and they intersect at spots where the cracks appear to have grown. Our lives are segments on chains that rust away with use, the strength withers away, the entwined silver parts weathered loose. But when we fall to the ground we fall as a whole, the concurrent harmonies echo and fade within the vastness of a black hole.

And I realize that I don't want to make it out of here alive; I just want to learn to coexist with other segments of chains that I may have to witness fall at the end of their fruitless attempts to survive. And I know that when our roads crossed that we were both going to grow and learn, and that someday in my brain these nerve endings would fire as I reminisced back to this time when I gained something new that made my soul burn.

We evolve every minute as we walk the roads we've grounded, and you get to look back at any point in your journey and examine a part of it that you had the honor to travel.


I sacrificed more when I went away.
I was definitely more inclined to leave but I just couldn’t stay.
I wanted to buy my books and read them with you, but they were burnt when they were given to me.
And as hard as it seemed to replace the lost words, somehow I managed to picture what they would be.
There’ll be some sense of victory when I run away, but that was my original regret;
Leaving behind all the memories that I suppose I’d be willing to lose in a bet,
And I hope the escape will be just as triumphant as when I wanted to get free.
As I gain the life I deserve I’ll be contemplating all the moments I’ll no longer be able to see.
My life’s a crossroad that I switch at times to dwell on decisions that need to be made.
The one I’m on reached a dead-end and now I know there’s no more foundation to be laid.
I’ve found the road that fits my needs that I’ll look back at when I need to know what’s being kept out of mind,
And that regardless of my thoughts whatever happens will never hinder the progress of our hearts becoming intertwined.
I sacrificed more when I went away,
And I don’t think I can stay.


As you stare out at the lights glowing up your yard, you hope that if you just play the right card you’ll realize that life ain’t so hard,
That all there is to do is sit back and watch as these events take place without your knowledge, thinking that life is in your control and everything can be altered and fixed if it’s acknowledged,
But the lights will soon explode and die upon its descent to death, and you look down to the ground with the thought in your head that someday you’ll breathe your last breath,
And you’ll be nothing more than a glimmer in the eyes of whatever being there is who ripped your soul from your bones, even though you changed the course of time by living your life as it was planned all there’ll be left of you is your corpse laying amongst some stones.
Life tortures us by giving us people we hold dear, because someday all that’ll remain of them are the souls that on our very being left a smear,
And you’ll walk everyday afterwards with the memories that were shared, and you’ll lay in despair knowing that you’ll never be able to reiterate to these people that when they’re gone you’ll do nothing but miss them with a feeling you simply can’t bear. And when you leave, you’ll take with you everything you’ve ever experienced, and everyone and everything who made you into who you were will die a tiny bit, and they all will know that even if you barely knew them that you helped them thrive, and those who loved you will mourn and cry and in their minds will be a million thoughts of who and what you were, and that’ll make it all seem that much more alive.


I’m on this island whenever I wanna be alone.
I live with no one because I wanna claim it as my own.
I contemplate life and where I should be instead of being there.
I wonder where I’ll go or even if I’ll go anywhere.
What if I were to fall into an abyss and be suspended in mid-air for what seems like forever?
Could I have ever hit the ground if my life hadn’t been severed?
I’ll just expand and implode from the inside until all matter has disappeared.
Time will impede the dirty hourglass to the point of it eventually having to be cleared.
And I’m just one who enjoys theories about how I’ll die,
But some things weren’t created to be lies.
I’ve ascended up to where I never would’ve known.
A white shirt forced on me that desperately needed to be sewn.

I’ll live according to what others would want to see.
I’ll die because of actions made by others that were supposed to be made by me.

The fire enters my soul to inflame who I am.
I wanna run from the pain but I don’t have a lot of land.
Wherever I go I hope I find a cure.
I don’t really care about my decisions, I just can’t admit I’m not pure.
Let me go blind from reality and envision my past.
Even though I’m sure of all of this there’s just something about me that believes she’ll end up not wanting this to last.
It’s not healthy to worry about what could happen,
When one day I’ll wake up and you’ll be smearing my stain with a napkin.

I’ll live according to what others would want to see.
I’ll die because of actions made by others that were supposed to be made by me.

(unknown date)

Looking out to the horizon there's a scene not many can see,
Ships sailing across the pond yet stopped in its tracks from getting where it needs to be.
Blasts heard from afar that signify blood and gore,
But what more can you expect from a time of war?
For every 100 ships at sea there're 100 shipwrecks,
With passengers awaiting their fate as the water reaches the level of the decks.
Bombs fall to paint a fiery picture that'll light up the sky,
An inferno on the water burning the target as much as it burns my eyes,
And it won't cease to smolder either the metal or the pain,
But from here there'll only be something that we can gain.
In a war that has claimed the lives of some of my dearest friends,
The last thing I'd ever want to do is even attempt to make amends,

But I'm powerless, and there's only one foe,
And letting them win would be amongst my greatest woes.
I need to try, I can't just sit here and accept these lies, I need this before it dies.

And that's why I stay in the harbor, safe at the docks,
Where the only weapon used against me are ticking clocks.
I'm away from the torment that hostility can provide,
And I'm not a traitor, I'm just confused about my pride and why when there's a commodity I should chase I choose to hide.
The urge to go out on the open sea is strong,
But having ambitions and desires doesn't mean something can't go wrong.
Oh, how I wish I were in an airplane, flying over this battle of mixed hate and love,
Strafing all the ships as I glide safely above,

But I'm powerless, and there's only one foe,
And letting them win would be amongst my greatest woes.
I need to try, I can't just sit here and accept these lies, I need this before it dies.

And as I hear about the treaty with no essence,
The sun starts to hide, mocking us with its potential luminescence.
As warfare fades, the ships begin to jade from the constant waves that cause them all to wade.
And in the back of my mind I sense a chance for me to shine.
Even in the impending darkness I believe it'll all be fine,

But I'm powerless, and there's only one foe,
And letting them win would be amongst my greatest woes.
I need to try, I can't just sit here and accept these lies, I need this before it dies.