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Yep, this is me.

I'm Stephen Sanders, and I'm a graduate of SUNY College at Brockport, where I majored in Philosophy and minored in Anthropology. I also took a few classes related to web development. I am currently a Web Developer for J&E Media Corp.

The main activities in which I partake outside of work are web development, genealogical research, writing, video games, and playing with my pupper.

I am also an amateur philosopher; I have to put my philosophy degree to use somehow. I've written some neat stuff.


  • Development: I primarily develop for the web. I mainly use WordPress, HTML5/CSS3 (Sass, Bootstrap), JavaScript (jQuery), and Git. I am also rather capable of acting as a website administrator for multiple websites at a time.

  • Philosophy: My writings concern topics such as epistemology (modest foundationalism) and social philosophy. I am an avid reader in topics related to political philosophy.

  • Writing: I occasionally write about culture, society, and various philosophical topics (as applied to current events). I also enjoy writing poetry from time to time.

  • Genealogy: I have been researching my family tree for over a year and a half, including family originating from Slovenia, Germany, France through Quebec, and Britain. For instance, I managed to track down and source the whereabouts of the family of a great-grandmother who had barely spoken about her past to small villages in Gottschee.